How Licensed ADA Contractors and Certified Aging in Place Specialists Can Help Make Living at Home Easier

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The physical limitations one faces due to aging or because of a serious physical injury or disability can make it suddenly difficult for someone who has taken care of themselves all their life to be self-sufficient, making it difficult to even get around the home.

Certified ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) contractors and Certified Aging in Place Specialists can help. Contractors with these certifications are knowledgeable about the physical challenges that are faced because of aging or disability, and have design methods that are proven to make living a self-sufficient life more manageable, allowing people to continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible.

What sorts of improvements might an ADA certified contractor or Certified Aging in Place Specialist make to make your home more accessible?

Of course, it depends on one’s budget, but the improvements range from the very simple, such as better lighting to assist with vision and help prevent falls, to the more extensive, such as adding an additional bed and/or bath on the main level of a home, or adding an elevator when stairs become too much to handle every day. Some of the most common improvements include:

  • Kitchen improvements: These include altering counter height and making counters more wheelchair accessible, as well as installing new shelving and cabinetry with easier access, etc.
  • Bathroom improvements: These include grab bars, a shower seat, a walk-in tub, additional lighting, higher toilet, slip-resistant flooring and scald resistance on sinks and showerheads.
  • Stairway enhancements: This includes redoing handrails to proper height, or adding an elevator.
  • Additional accessibility help: This includes making such modifications as adding ramps into the home, changing height of electrical outlets and light switches, adding health monitoring systems, installing new non-slip flooring throughout the home and much, much more.

Your contractor will work closely with you to understand your needs, and understand how they’re likely to change. Together you’ll be able to design a solution that helps keep you self-sufficient for as long as possible in your own home.

Can’t any contractor perform these improvements?

Aging in place improvements are the fastest growing sector in the entire home improvement industry. We assure you essentially every contractor and their cousin is trying to get into this sector. Finding someone who has received an ADA or CAPS certification simply removes the guesswork about whether the contractor you select is trustworthy.

Additionally, a contractor with these certifications is going to be much more experienced performing this type of work than a contractor without these certifications. This means they’ll be able to see the bigger picture. This takes a lot of the pressure to get things perfect off of you. Even if something gets overlooked on your end, you’ll be able to rest assured there’s someone else making sure all loose ends are tied up. The goal is to make your home truly livable, a place to continue to fill with love and joy. And contractors like WSL Incorporated—an aging in place and ADA contractor in Pennsylvania—can help make that dream come true.

Hire an aging in place and ADA contractor in Pennsylvania

WSL Incorporated is a licensed ADA contractor and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Look at our online galleries to see examples of some of the work we’ve done to make people’s homes more livable and to keep those individuals living more independent and fulfilling lives. If you think we could help you do the same, please give us a call today.

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