How to Pick the Right Home Builders in Pennsylvania

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When trying to pick the right home builder for your project, most people instinctively know to only considering builders with the proper licensing and insurance and workers compensation policies. Without those things, you’re really not dealing with a professional builder at all, and you’re putting yourself and your finances at risk. And, of course, most people also know what their budget is for their project. But beyond these things, many people still remain unsure about how to pick the best builder for their needs.

Here’s our best, most commonsense advice on the subject.

Look at their portfolio

The first thing we suggest is that you look at their portfolio to get an idea of the quality of their work. You might think that building is building, and that any home builders in Pennsylvania should be more or less equipped for any job, but the truth is that experience is crucial in our line of work. Ideally you want a builder who is experienced with projects like your own. Experience with more complex projects, which require more complex timelines, project management and personnel management, could be a plus as well, as home builders with such experience would be less likely to run into a problem that would throw off the timeline.

Examine how they act up front. Do they return your estimate when they say they will?

Once you’ve got a list of options of builders you feel are more or less equal in terms of price and quality, the most important determining factor in your decision should be based on how the builder does business. To get an idea of that, pay attention to how they act. Do they respond to your calls and emails promptly? Did they return their estimate to you in the timeframe they said they would? You want to work with someone reliable and honest.

Check their supplier references

Asking about home builders in Pennsylvania with the people they do business with is a great way to learn the true character of your prospective builders. You want to make sure your builder deals honestly with his suppliers, pays them on time and pays them what they’ve been promised. You want to make sure that your builder isn’t demonstrating cash-flow issues by regularly asking for pay extensions. And you also want to make sure the builder never deals dishonestly with his suppliers, refusing to pay for or trying to renegotiate after the fact fees they had agreed to pay in advance. You’d be surprised by how common the practice is, but when you run into someone like this, you should know you’re dealing with a fundamentally dishonest and devious person.

If you don’t want to be left footing an enormous unforeseen bill because promises were made to you that were never intended to be kept, then do not forget to check their supplier references! Nothing will give you a clearer idea of the respective builders’ financial situations and personal characters.

Talk to our home builders in Pennsylvania

WSL Incorporated is a full-service home builder located in New Bloomfield, PA. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and we have a wide variety of home building expertise, from design to new construction to aging-in-place remodeling. We’ve built our reputation treating our partners and our customers right, so you can know we’ll take good care of you. Give us a call today for an estimate on your project. We look forward to speaking with you!

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