Four Summer Remodeling Projects That Pay Off

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Home is where you reside, where you gather and were you build a life, but it is also the greatest investment most people will make in their lifetime. While “home is where the heart is,” it’s also where the majority of your funds go, which is why decisions about your home need to be weighed carefully, including remodeling decisions.

Remodeling projects involve additional funds being invested into what is already the most expensive thing you will ever own. If you are smart about that investment, then you already know that the remodeling projects you decide to do can’t be weighed solely on your personal wants. You also need to consider whether the money you spend on a remodel will bring you a greater return on your biggest investment—your home.

Knowing which projects are and are not worth doing, however, can be challenging. A lot of factors go into determining which remodels add value to your home, and how much. As a remodeling contractor in Pennsylvania, our customers often want to know if their dream project is actually worth the investment. To help answer that question, we’ve put together a list of the four top summer remodeling projects that will actually pay off.

Kitchen remodels

One of the most asked-about remodels is the kitchen. People always have a vision of what their dream kitchen would look like and are willing to spend money to get it. The question is, will they get that money back? In most cases, the answer is yes—minor kitchen remodels typically bring in a significant return on investment, but there is a fine line. A few upgrades to your kitchen cost little and add a lot of value, but once you start making major changes, the return on investment drops.


Just in time for summer, deck additions are a great way to add value to your home and your lifestyle. Decks add additional functional living space to your home for relatively little cost. It’s basically like adding square footage to your home for a fraction of what an actual addition would cost.

Garage doors

One of the main reasons a garage door upgrade adds value is because it is inexpensive but it adds loads of curb appeal. A beautiful garage door makes your home look more expensive and people are willing to pay more for it. It’s that simple!


The return on investment for a bathroom remodel is similar to that of a kitchen remodel. Minor changes can greatly improve the look and functionality of your bathroom for little cost, adding to the value of your home and your return on investment. Take the upgrades too far, however, and you will start losing money.

If you’re planning a remodeling project this summer, make sure it’s one that will add value to your life while also adding value to your home. To get the most your return on your investment, be sure to choose WSL Incorporated for your project. We’re proud to be your trusted local remodeling contractor in Pennsylvania!

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