Ask These Questions Before Selecting a Custom Floor Plan in Pennsylvania

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One of the main reasons people decide to build a new home is because it gives them the chance to make it exactly what they want. Maybe you’ve experienced growing pains in your current space as your family expands, or the current home just doesn’t have the open kitchen layout you really want. That’s the beauty of creating a custom floor plan instead of buying an already built home. Custom floor plans in Pennsylvania give you the ability to design a home based on your needs and wants. You will have the definitive say on what is important in the home of your dreams.

Making this decision can be overwhelming because there are so many different options and amenities to choose from. Fortunately, answering the following questions will help make the process of creating a custom home easier.

What am I missing in my current home?

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to build a new home is because they want a place that’s just right for them. Take the time to determine what is missing from your current home or apartment. This could be a lack of storage space or a garage that’s too small. This will help shoppers narrow their search by automatically disqualifying any floor plans that don’t meet their needs.

What will my life be like in five to 10 years?

While you can’t predict the future, it’s easy to imagine what your ideal life might be like over the next decade. Young families who plan to have kids should opt for a larger floor plan, while couples near retirement might consider downsizing. Planning for the future will help ensure you will love the home throughout every stage of life.

What’s the lot like?

The lot size, shape and location will also need to be considered when drafting a custom floor plan. Long and narrow lots are best for multi-story homes, while a large and shallow lot can better accommodate a sprawling one-story. Setback requirements and the direction of the sun could also impact the final plan. The best plan will use the lot as efficiently as possible.

What amenities are important?

Consider what amenities are important to you during the planning process. Is a gourmet kitchen or a spa-inspired bathroom a requirement? Does the garage need to be large enough to fit all your weekend warrior toys? Do the kids want a game room in the finished basement? These things should all be identified early in the process to have a spot on the final floor plan. Remember, you may need to opt for more square footage to accommodate everything on the amenity wish list, and this will impact your budget.

Does it have the right amount of storage?

Unfortunately, many people are forced to move when they run out of space in their current home. The key is to create a space that can accommodate your storage needs. Look for ways to turn any wasted space into an extra closet or pantry.

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