Follow These Steps to Avoid Monotony When Building Your Dream Home

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Building your dream home is an incredibly rewarding experience. It gives homeowners the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the home that perfectly fits every item on their wish list. Unfortunately, even dream homes can fall prey to the cookie-cutter monotony found in many residential neighborhoods. Somehow, each house on the street manages to mirror the next. Popular trends end up making an appearance on every home, leaving the owners with unintentionally matching homes. The demand to build homes better, faster and smarter hasn’t helped either. In fact, many builders have been cutting corners by designing identical homes to beat the rising prices and shortages of material and labor.

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for your house to look like just another cookie-cutter property in the neighborhood—it won’t make your home stand out while you live there, and in the event that you need or want to sell later on, it won’t make your home appeal to a varied range of prospective buyers. Instead, varying the exterior features will help your home to shine next to the other residences on the block. Follow these steps to avoid monotony when working with custom home builders in Pennsylvania:

  • Color: Neutral white or beige shades are great choices for an exterior paint color. The problem is that everyone seems to have the exact same idea. Spice up your home by pairing a neutral-colored exterior with tasteful accents, such as a navy blue trim or rich mahogany window shutters. Even the smallest touches can make a big impact.
  • Materials: The right materials can transform a home into something fit for the pages of a magazine. Consider enhancing a plain exterior with a brick front, stone cladding, whimsical siding or an exaggerated trim.
  • Elevation: Create drama and intrigue with multiple elevations. Versatility and variety in elevations will bring diversity to an otherwise plain street.
  • Rooflines: The eye tends to travel to the roofline first. Varying the pitch from the next door neighbor’s home will help mask any monotony and repetition. Your custom home builder in Pennsylvania can design an aesthetically pleasing roofline that will be sure to please the eye.
  • Unique features: Give your home some character by adding special touches that are unique to your family. This could be a bright red front door, a large picture window, industrial detailing or a statement garage door. A cottage-inspired stone chimney or a spacious front porch perfect for enjoying a cold drink on a hot afternoon could also do the trick. It’s these little touches that will turn your house into a place you are proud to call home.

Don’t let your home get lost amongst the others in the neighborhood. Let the experts at WSL Incorporated help create your unique dream home. Our team of professional custom home builders in Pennsylvania has been building affordable custom homes for more than 30 years. No matter the size, budget or needs of your project, WSL Incorporated will help you every step of the way. Call us today to get started on building your picture-perfect home—we look forward to working with you!

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