Questions to Consider When Planning Your Custom Home with a Drafting and Design Service in Cumberland County, PA

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Are you working with a drafting and design service in Cumberland County, PA to sketch out your dream home? Chances are this is both a very exciting and nerve-racking time for you—you’re getting closer and closer to having your dream home all planned out, but there’s understandably a lot of anxiety about the commitment, the process and the designer’s ability to deliver everything you need and want with the project.

As you go through these design and drafting processes, you’ll have some sit-down meetings with the design team where you can provide some information about your priorities for the project and give some feedback about designs that have already been drafted. You can help out your drafting and design team a lot if you have already considered the answers to certain questions about your home in advance, questions that are designed to give more detailed insight into the kind of home you’re looking for.

With this in mind, here are just a few of the questions you should consider asking when planning your custom home:

  • Consider the other homes in your neighborhood. What size are most of the homes in the area, and what architectural styles are prevalent? Do you have a design in mind that will be well-suited to the area in question?
  • Consider the lot on which your home will be built. How big is it? Does your ideal house fit on that lot? What steps can you take to provide a balance between open space on the lot and the size of your home? From what direction will you enter the lot?
  • What type of foundation will you use? While concrete slab foundations may be cheaper than crawl spaces, they could produce a home that’s harder to heat. Will you dig a basement for your home?
  • What type of garage capacity do you need? How many vehicles do you intend to store? Will the garage be separate or attached, and what sort of design are you looking at for the garage if separate?
  • What kind of roof is ideal for your home? You’ll find certain types of roofs are not only cheaper to build, but also look better for the design of your home.
  • Where will you place staircases in your home if you have more than one story? If you only build one story, is there any chance you’d want to add a second level in the future and thus need to leave space for a potential staircase?
  • Does your design have enough windows to provide you with natural light? Consider the shapes and sizes of the windows as well.
  • Does the kitchen design give you everything you need, including cabinets, countertop space, pantry space and other functional elements?
  • Are there enough bedrooms for the current and possible future needs of your family?

These are just a few examples of questions you should consider through the process of working with a drafting and design service in Cumberland County, PA. Contact the experts at WSL Incorporated today for more information.

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