Tips for Staying Within Your Project’s Budget

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A big part of commercial project management is proper budgeting and cost control. It is crucial for construction managers to be able to stick within the budget, and to plan for unforeseen issues that can result in delays or change orders. The majority of projects that end up costing much more than originally expected play out that way because the management of the project simply wasn’t good enough.

So how can you stay within your budget on your commercial project? Here’s some information about how you can achieve more efficient commercial project management in Pennsylvania.

Be thorough in the design phase

You should never move ahead with the construction portion of your project until you have covered every single aspect of the project in the design phase. You’d think this would go without saying—you wouldn’t put together a model without all the proper pieces and a set of directions. But there are some cases in which builders move forward after architects only give general design intents. You must be thorough in the design phase if you are to have an accurate sense of budgeting needs for the project.

Choose a good contractor

An experienced, high-quality contractor will also help you to keep costs under control and stick to your budget. Contractors that have worked on a lot of commercial projects will understand what they need to do to make the most effective use of the money they have to work with. They will have also developed good project management skills over the years that will be of great use to you during your working relationship with them.

You can set yourself up for success during the bidding process, as well. Always carefully review bids from contractors to ensure they have a clear understanding of your project and what it entails, as well as the plans they have to get your project done on time and under budget. Compare contractors’ estimates to each other, and don’t be swayed only by low bids—there are more factors to take into account than just who says they can get the job done for you at the lowest price.

Communicate with your contractor

While hiring an excellent contractor for your job is a great step to take, it’s not enough to ensure the project goes smoothly. Even the best contractors need at least some communication and guidance from the project managers. This is crucial when it comes to controlling costs. Any time you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them! The more you stay in touch, the better informed you’ll be as to how the project is proceeding, and if there’s anything you can do to help make the contractor’s job easier.

For more tips for better commercial project management in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to contact WSL Incorporated. We have over a decade of experience serving area customers as a design-build firm specializing in aging-in-place projects, VA adapted housing and a comprehensive slate of other residential and commercial projects. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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