The Benefits of an Open Floor Plan in Pennsylvania

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Open floor plans refer to the result when two or more traditionally separated rooms (the living room and dining room, for example) have been combined for a more open space. This is done by eliminating the partition walls between rooms. This has been trendy for the past 30 years or so, and shows no signs of losing popularity. Homeowners love the open, airy aesthetic and improved traffic flow. If you’ve ever hosted a party and found that all your guests ended up in the kitchen, an open floor plan can be very appealing!

Popular configurations

Prior to the World Wars, kitchens were often in the back of the home, since they were seen more as workstations than social gathering places. Open floor plans became more common in the postwar years as houses were smaller and it was a great way of maximizing space.

Open floor plans have some exemptions: bedrooms and bathrooms are closed off to retain some sense of privacy. However, rooms like the kitchen, dining room and living room are commonly combined. This offers a more communal feeling to the home and allows for increased socialization.

Some homeowners choose to use different paint colors to demarcate where each room “begins” and “ends,” while others highlight the open space by decorating it as one giant room.

Benefits of open floor plans

  • Traffic flow: Since there are no doors or walls between rooms, it’s easier to move around in the open space.
  • Increased socialization: When you have guests over, being banished to the kitchen is a thing of the past. Open floor plans make it easy to chat as you cook, or supervise small children from across the house.
  • Better light: With fewer walls, open floor plans allow natural light to come in and fill your whole space. This is great if you have certain rooms that never seem to get enough natural light.
  • Multifunctional spaces: When you’re not hemmed in by walls, you have more flexibility with design and furniture placement. This allows you to have multifunctional spaces and nooks within the main living area.

Drawbacks of open floor plans

  • Difficult to control sound: It can be harder to escape sound with an open floor plan, since you can’t just shut the door to muffle noises.
  • Less privacy: When you eliminate doors and walls, you also give up privacy options—which can be great with small children, but perhaps less so with teenagers or multiple adults.
  • Higher construction costs: Open floor plans require additional support due to the lack of walls, which can be expensive to install.

Get an open floor plan in your Pennsylvania home

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