How to Choose the Perfect Lot for Your New Home Build

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When it comes to building a new home, it’s easy to get caught up in the details like square footage and amenities. But for the inexperienced future homeowner, picking a lot can make all the difference in the world. After all, the wrong lot can mean significant engineering expenses, future problems, added project delays and general headaches when it comes to actually living in your new home. For these reasons, you need to know how to tell if a lot is right for your home build.

Below are some quick tips from a custom home builder in Pennsylvania to help you choose the right land on which to build your dream home:

  • The dreaded busy street: Once you’ve decided that a certain lot is big enough for your home design, take a moment to look around at what lies beyond the lot. For example, a busy street in a growing area will likely get busier and could eventually expand. That might mean you are forced to give up part of your land through eminent domain.
  • Going downhill fast: When your custom home builder in Pennsylvania mentions engineering costs and general headaches, they are talking about building on a steep slope. Not only will this mean significant changes to a general design, but it could mean problems in the future with landslides, erosion and other property issues. Avoid a lot with an overly steep slope to skip these problems.
  • What was there before: What your land was used for before you owned in matters when you are building a family home. Say, for example, that it was the dumpsite for a nearby petrochemical plant decades ago. You could end up paying a hefty fee to have your lot cleaned up (because the former owner of the plant probably won’t do it). Soil testing and a little research can save you time and money—not to mention health concerns—in the long run.
  • No vacancy: While it might seem like a blessing to not have a neighbor next door, vacant lots can bring their own headaches. From trash dumping to the possibility that a builder could erect a massive, view-blocking monstrosity nearby, vacant lots are just not worth the gamble. Finding a nice neighborhood with newer homes will keep you from wishing you had built somewhere else down the road.
  • This lot is weird: It can be tempting to break out of the square and rectangular lots and opt for something with more geometric character, but you should think twice before buying an oddly shaped lot. In addition to the problems you might encounter with rights of way, fencing and upkeep can make you wish you went with the normal-shaped lot. Think about what sort of upkeep issues you might encounter and whether another buyer might want it in the future before signing on the dotted line.

If you are ready to choose a lot and start the home design process, get in touch with the team at WSL Incorporated to schedule a meeting with a skilled custom home builder in Pennsylvania!

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