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Get Your Basement Remodel Done During the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 10, 2020 3:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all spending a lot more time at home than usual, and will be for the foreseeable future, even after many of the stay-at-home orders start to relax. With all that time being spent at home, now’s as good a time as any to complete the remodeling projects you’ve been thinking about so you can get the most enjoyment possible out of your home relaxation. A basement remodel in Pennsylvania can be a great way to add usable space to your home and to create a spot where you can keep yourself entertained while public...

A Spring Cleanup Checklist for Your Home

May 2, 2020 9:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition that gives homeowners the opportunity to cut down on clutter and get ready for the summer months. However, it can be challenging to decide where to start with spring cleaning. The good news is that it’s easy to tackle this project when you have the right spring cleanup checklist for the home in Pennsylvania. Keep reading for some helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your cleaning this spring. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to get your home looking its best. A few simple steps...

Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Appealing

April 24, 2020 8:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, it’s a great time to think about how to improve the functionality, aesthetic appeal and livability of your outdoor spaces. There are lots of projects that can make a big difference in the appeal of your backyard while also making it more functional for you and your family. Keep reading for some ideas to make your backyard more appealing in Pennsylvania: Clean and organize your space: You don’t necessarily have to spend any money to get your backyard looking great. Some simple cleaning and organizing may be all it will...

Four Options for Stair Lifts

April 16, 2020 4:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Moving your base of living operations to the first floor, when you need to, may not always be possible. You may enjoy your current home design as it is, or have a floorplan that simply does not accommodate creating a suite that is handicap accessible on the first floor. In these instances, your best option is installing chair lifts, which are also called stair lifts. Stairs are very dangerous for the mobility impaired, but you cannot always remove them. Here are four good options for installing chair lifts that may work in your Pennsylvania home: Straight chair lifts: If your...

Five Features in Specially Adapted Houses

April 2, 2020 4:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Specially adapted housing builders in Pennsylvania create accessible homes. Whether you suffered an injury in the line of duty or live with a permanent condition that compromises your mobility, we can add retrofits that make your home more accessible. This will help you thrive and live a more independent life. Here are five features we provide in our adapted homes: Wide doorways: Some doorways are not designed to accommodate people using mobility devices. Whether you use a wheelchair or walker, doorway width and the lip at the bottom of a doorway often prove to be a hindrance. We can widen...

One Story or Two? What to Consider

March 6, 2020 10:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you’re in the early phases of designing a brand-new home, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is whether you will build a one-story or a two-story home. A lot of this comes down to personal preference, but there are also some practical considerations to take into account. If you’re wondering, “Should I build a single-story or two-story home?” here’s a quick overview of some of the pros and cons of one-story and two-story homes in Pennsylvania. Two-story Two-story homes generally cost less per square foot to build, because you don’t have to do as much excavating...

What You Should Know About Financing a New Home

February 21, 2020 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you’ve made the decision to build a new home, you’re probably more focused on the exciting process of choosing all your design elements, rather than on the practical matters of how you’ll be paying for the home. However, you do need to spend some time considering the process of financing a new home in Pennsylvania. In general, it’s always advisable to pay as much money as you’re reasonably able to up front, so you can significantly cut down the amount of extra money you’ll have to pay in interest over time. As for the kind of financing you use,...

New Open Floor Plan Ranch Home for Sale

January 7, 2020 4:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

1,641+/- sq. ft. NEW 1-STORY TRADITIONAL STYLE, OPEN FLOOR PLAN, VAULTED CEILINGS, designed and built by WSL Incorporated, will be move-in ready Spring 2020! This brand-new 3-bed, 2-bath home offers one level living with an open floor plan, 1st floor vinyl plank, granite counters, tile kitchen backsplash, painted kitchen cabinets, stone fireplace, carpet bedroom floors, pressure-treated deck, and an attached 2-car garage. This home sits on a beautiful 1.85-acre wooded lot. For more information, check out the flyer and/or call 717-582-3423. List price: $294,900. Learn More