The Best Kitchen Upgrades for Resale

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The kitchen is always the heart of the home. If you are bringing your abode back to market, you should consider upgrading and enhancing the kitchen before your first viewing. By remodeling and updating your kitchen, you can substantially elevate your home’s resale value, and ensure that you are receiving the best possible return on your investment. Even making a few small changes to the way that your cabinetry, countertops and appliances are arranged can increase the amount of interest in your home and help it remain competitive on the resale market.

Kitchen remodeling in Pennsylvania may represent a large investment in your home; however, if you perform the right types of updates, it can pay dividends in the final resale price of your property. Consulting with a qualified designer and contractor is the best way to learn about which trends are the most current and up-to-date, but there are a number of evergreen changes that you can make to increase your home’s value, including:

  • Go for wood:
    Wood provides a timeless look, whether it is on cabinetry or flooring. If you are planning on replacing your kitchen’s floor or its cabinets prior to selling your home, utilizing hardwoods is always the best way to wow prospective purchasers.
  • Paint your cabinets:
    You should always paint or re-stain your cabinetry prior to listing your home. You can easily remove cosmetic blemishes by painting your cabinetry, and it is an extremely cost-effective way to address other visual issues that may be present.
  • Replace the hardware and faucets:
    Changing the hardware on your cabinetry and replacing the faucets in your sink or sinks is another cost-effective way to raise your home’s value. New faucets and hardware can provide prospective buyers with a cleaner look.
  • Go for granite:
    Granite countertops are an instant selling point. They are beautiful, natural and long-lasting. Installing granite countertops is a guaranteed way to increase your home’s value and ensure that you are receiving a proper offer once it sells.
  • Use a designer backsplash:
    You can add a personalized, creative touch to your home with a designer backsplash. Whether you opt for glass, quartz or tile, there are a number of innovative designs that you can install to bring a pop of creativity into your space.
  • Enhance the lighting:
    Kitchens should be filled and flooded with even, welcoming lighting. You can substantially increase interest in your home by investing in new and improved lighting systems for your kitchen.

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