How to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Building a custom home is an exciting proposition. Finally, you get to choose exactly what you want, how you want it—and experience all the responsibility that implies. We all want to make the smartest choices that will provide enjoyment and a high return on our investment, but what are the best ways to increase your home’s value in Pennsylvania?

We’ve assembled a list of our top ways to make sure you get the most bang for your buck:

  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades: We spend a great deal of our time in our kitchens and bathrooms, whether for utilitarian purposes or relaxation—and if you can combine those concepts, so much the better. Homeowners who go the extra mile with their kitchens and bathrooms tend to see a greater ROI overall.
  • Make your home energy efficient: As we all know, being kind to the planet is more important than ever, and future buyers will be interested in how eco-friendly your home is. Consider reducing your carbon footprint by utilizing energy efficient HVAC systems, plumbing, ceiling fans, whole-house fans, appliances and even your windows.
  • Focus on curb appeal: To get people to buy your home, you have to make sure they want to check it out in the first place—that’s why your exterior matters almost as much as your interior. Hire a professional landscape designer and opt for classic-yet-modern exterior elements like a jewel-toned front door and sleek window boxes.
  • Modify your floor plan to increase living space: Open floor plans are all the rage, especially for families. The more living space that you can create in your floor plan, the more value your home will have. It’s not just the advantage of being able to keep an eye on the kids when you’re in separate spaces—it’s having an open, airy look that makes the home feel even bigger.
  • A coat of fresh paint: Speaking of open and airy spaces, repainting your interior with light, bright colors opens up a space and reflects more natural light. If you opt for the modern dark wall trend, save it for spaces like your bedroom, where you want to minimize light.
  • Upgrade your flooring: A new floor can make a world of difference in your home. Replacing old, worn-out carpet with hardwood, tile or even laminate flooring will give your space a brand-new look.
  • Replace your lighting: Set the tone with new lighting—switching old fixtures with bright new ones can make a huge visual difference.
  • Keep up with your maintenance: Finally, keeping up with your home maintenance will increase its value—make a running to-do list with all your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks, and rest assured that your home will always stay in great (and sellable) shape.

Want more tips to increase your home value in Pennsylvania? WSL Incorporated builds custom homes for clients, staying with them every step of the way. No matter your project size or budget, we can help you create your dream home. Call today to get started.

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