How to Utilize Your Bonus Room

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When you’ve got an extra room in your home, the possibilities are endless. While many people would love to have extra space and know just how they’d put it to use, others struggle to decide what to do, considering the options range from offices to man caves and everything in between.
If you’re building your own home and plan to have a bonus room or rooms, talk to your home building contractor in Pennsylvania about what you envision—they’ll be able to help you determine what kind of plumbing, electricity and other needs you’ll have to address during the building process.

Here are some of the most popular ways to utilize a bonus room, including finished basements or attics:

  • Your own personal fitness room: Working out in a gym is inconvenient and even intimidating for some people. Why not put your workout equipment in your bonus room and enjoy the comfort of working out from home?
  • Playroom and gaming room: The pitter patter of little feet and squeals of joy are adorable, but bickering and yelling at video games are slightly less so. Bonus rooms make great places to give kids a dedicated place to play with larger toys like dollhouses, or video games.
  • Home office: These days, more people than ever are working from home, and having a separate space in which to do so goes a long way toward separating your work life from your home life. It also lessens the possibility a toddler will make an appearance on your Zoom meeting or that your coworkers can hear your teenager playing Call of Duty at full volume.
  • Family or media room: Finished basements are especially great for media rooms—the sound won’t travel to other rooms as easily, and the lack of natural light helps create ideal viewing conditions. You can also use your bonus room as a family room, complete with TV, games and other ways to encourage quality time together.
  • Man/woman cave: If one spouse has made their mark on the rest of the house, sometimes having your own space to relax and decorate the way you want can be relaxing. Keep your crafting supplies, small-batch whiskey collection or other hobby items in your bonus room to “get away from it all” in your own home.
  • Library: It is a truth universally acknowledged that all bookworms are in want of a dedicated library, which is a great use of your bonus room. Talk to your home building contractor in Pennsylvania about built-in floor-to-ceiling shelves with rolling ladders to live out your dreams.
  • Storage: Finally, although it’s not glamorous, storage is a great way to use a bonus room. Depending on what you’re storing (and how), you may be able to combine storage with a guest room or office for added functionality. Store your holiday décor, winter sweaters, keepsakes and more in your bonus room so they’re out of sight—but never too far away.

Feeling inspired? The team at WSL Incorporated can help you take your bonus room from dream to reality—call us today to get started!

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