Why You Should Consider Using Design-Build Contractors vs. an Architect and General Contractor

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When you’re building or renovating a home or commercial building, there are a lot of different aspects to consider, including who will draw up the plans and who will execute them. Working with a design-build contractor makes it possible for you to work with one contractor throughout the duration of the project, thus vastly simplifying the process.
Here are the advantages of using a design-build firm in Pennsylvania:

  • One contractor for the whole process: Working with multiple companies opens up a lot of room for error and miscommunication. Working with design-build contractors ensures that the people who design your home are also the ones to build it, cutting out an extra step. It’s also a single source of accountability, so you know exactly who is responsible for the entire project—and so does the contractor.
  • Direct, hands-on involvement from start to finish: Working with a design-build company helps you stay hands-on and involved from the beginning of the project straight through to completion. The client can get the customization they want, and the company shares the design, budget, time and construction responsibility. That shared goal helps guarantee a better project, within budget and time constraints.
  • Cost-effective: If you have to pay two different companies, you’re also paying for those contractors to talk to each other. Not only does that increase the possibility of miscommunication, but it takes a lot more time—which you will pay for. Design-build contractors are able to streamline the process. Instead of having to coordinate multiple schedules and contributions, using just one company ensures that the entire process will be planned efficiently.
  • Quicker and easier: When you’re working with a design-build contractor, there are a lot of steps cut out. For example, you only have to deal with a single bid, and the scheduling can start before the design is even finished. Additionally, if there are problems during design and construction, there isn’t any need to coordinate schedules or communicate with another company to fix the problem. You can eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth, as well as reduce how much time it takes to interview, research and decide on additional contractors and companies.
  • Communicate directly with the people building your home: A design-build company has one goal: to work with their client to create a project that meets or exceeds their expectations. Their entire focus is making you, the client, as happy as possible. When you communicate to your design-build team, you’re talking to people who all have a vested interest in meeting your needs. This makes it much easier to address desires and problems to guarantee a happy result.

In short, using a design-build contractor makes it a lot easier to get what you want, how you want it, with fewer steps involved. Generally, they are more efficient and better equipped to create the building of your dreams.

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