Protect Your Home from the Elements with These Weatherization Projects

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Throughout the year, your home must bear the brunt of various weather conditions. From the extreme heat of the summer to the winter’s freezing temperatures, along with the high winds and precipitation associated with rainstorms and snowstorms, your house experiences a number of variables that affect how much you spend on energy every month. As one of the top-rated home builders in Pennsylvania, we commonly see homeowners ignoring the important weatherization tasks they need to complete to protect their homes from the elements.

Doors and windows

It’s not uncommon for people to call us with questions about weatherization, since we’re one of the premier home builders in Pennsylvania. We always advise these homeowners to begin with their doors and windows. These parts of a building waste the most energy because they allow the heated and cooled air generated by your HVAC system to escape.

You want to begin with checking the seams around your door and window frames for leaks. Apply caulk on the inside and outside to seal seams and prevent costly leaks. It might also be worth the investment to replace the weatherstripping around your door and window frames.

After you’ve done this, make sure all exterior doors have door sweeps attached. You should also invest in and install window insulation kits. These extra steps go a very long way to minimize hot or cool air seeping out of your home.


If you’re living in an older home that wasn’t built with energy efficiency in mind, you could probably benefit from adding more insulation. You’ll want a professional to handle the tasks of assessing the amount of insulation currently in your home and then installing more of it to reduce the amount of heat flow.

HVAC servicing

To thoroughly cool or heat your home, there’s a lot of ductwork throughout the structure. In your basement, crawl space or attic, check any exposed ductwork for leaks. You may also want to call an HVAC expert to examine your ducts for leaks or broken seals. This is also a chance to have your HVAC unit or system serviced for the season.

Other weatherization chores

There’s also a variety of smaller projects you’ll need to complete to weatherize your home. This includes:

  • Outdoor faucets: Turn off the water to these faucets, and detach any hoses. Drain the hose before coiling it up and storing it for the winter.
  • Clean your furnace: A lot of dust and debris builds up in and around your furnace. You’ll want to clear the drainage tube, dust the exterior, vacuum around it, clean the flame sensor and replace the filter.
  • Chimney servicing: If you have a fireplace, cleaning it before winter ensures any fires you burn actually heat your home instead of just looking pretty. It also prevents any potential hazards from causing a fire that damages or destroys your home.

Being one of the most trusted home builders in Pennsylvania means people get in touch with WSL Incorporated when they want to weatherize their home. Contact us now to learn how we can help you get your house ready for winter.

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