Storage Ideas to Declutter and Organize on a Budget

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Storage ideas are the new trendy way to reorganize your home. However, many of the accessories advertised as being the best in how to declutter and organize your home are expensive. With budgets stretched during these uncertain times, it can be discouraging to see the mere act of tidying up become an expensive undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are five ideas for organizing your Pennsylvania home on a budget:

  • Keep empty toilet paper rolls: Empty toilet paper rolls have many creative uses that will help you in your decluttering efforts. If you have a drawer full of cords, get them under control by looping them up and stuffing them in the toilet paper roll. Then write on the roll the length and type of cord. You will never have a tangled cord again! Toilet paper rolls are also effective at organizing hair bands and helping with cord control measures behind your TV or computer.
  • Wash jars and keep the lids: Jars are not just popular in shabby chic designs—they are also incredibly useful for organization. Small jars can store paper clips and buttons, and larger jars are excellent for rubber bands, colored pencils and other art supplies. This is especially effective for children’s craft items, as they are more likely to pick up after themselves if there is a dedicated place for crayons and glue sticks.
  • Upgrade cereal boxes: If you receive magazine subscriptions, there is a strong possibility that these publications are spread out and cluttering your home. You can organize magazines better by making storage boxes out of cereal boxes. Just cut a section out of the box to make it shaped like a typical magazine storage box. Wrap with paper or fabric to help it look nicer on your shelves.
  • Repurpose cardboard: Cardboard is very recyclable, but also has several uses once that Amazon Prime box arrives. You can use the cardboard to create drawer dividers for better neatness. Measure the drawer first and cut out rectangles based on your measurements. If you want to add style to your creation, wrap the dividers in wrapping paper or fabric. You can also use spare silverware trays to organize jewelry and other loose items in your drawers.
  • A new way to store canned goods: If you stock up on several types of canned goods, there is likely a risk of cans getting lost in the back of your cupboard or being out of sight, so you buy more when you don’t need them. Empty soda boxes can help. Organize types of goods and place them in the boxes in the way the soda was once stored. You can also wrap the boxes with paper or fabric to make them aesthetically pleasing.

We hope you enjoyed these storage ideas for knowing how to declutter and organize your Pennsylvania home on a budget. If you want to add more storage space to your home, consider looking into remodeling when your finances can handle it.

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