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As you age, it may be more difficult to move about your home bathroom in a safe manner. Remodeling your bathroom and shower for better accessibility and safety are essential to maintaining your independence in your house.

If you have a history of trips and falls, or a general mobility restriction, consider an overhaul of your bathroom’s fixtures to better serve you. Work with general contractors or home builders in Pennsylvania to make your handicap bathroom remodel with a walk-in shower a reality.

Know your needs

Depending on the extent of your mobility issues or your personal health history, certain modifications may or may not be necessary. Renovating for better accessibility is a highly personalized and customizable process, which is why working with professional contractors is essential to getting the highest quality results possible.

You have other needs that must be taken into account as well, including your budget and desired timeline. Plan for excess expenses and build in a buffer for delays so you can minimize disappointment during the process.

Accessibility is essential

Increasing accessibility and safety are the two main purposes of upgrading your bathroom by installing a walk-in shower. A full handicap bathroom remodel in Pennsylvania will include a few key features that help keep you safe for years to come.

First, widen your hallway, doorway and even the floor space in your bathroom. Remove large cabinetry or your tub wall as well. Doing this is important for those with mobility issues that result in a need for wheelchair accessibility.

Removing your tub can ensure you are able to wheel into the shower for easy transfer to a shower chair. Be certain to add additional drains if necessary for optimal water flow. Also, keep the floor flush between transition areas so you avoid snags or pain points.

Besides a shower chair, you will need to add grab bars near the toilet and shower to ensure you are able to move into and out of position with ease. Grab bars don’t have to just be functional—they can also be stylish. Know that you do not have to forgo functionality for style or vice versa.

Costs of a remodel

The total cost of a remodel of your bathroom space is dependent on the modifications you hope to pursue. Certain costs may be covered by your health insurance or Medicare plan. It is important to check your coverage prior to working with a contractor to avoid unexpected surprises.

Traditionally, the cost of a remodel can run anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more. The pricier modifications include layout and doorway expansions. Hardware, including fixtures and cabinetry, run on a sliding scale, with the most durable and long-lasting materials costing more.

Work with experts for long-lasting results

Achieving independence with a handicap bathroom remodel and walk-in shower in Pennsylvania is within reach when you work with experts throughout the process. Contact WSL Incorporated to schedule a consultation or ask for a quote. Our professionals are happy to help you realize your vision and meet your needs.

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