What Exactly Do Commercial Builders Do?

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When you think of a commercial construction crew, do you picture a company that simply builds a structure from the ground up? Let’s hope not! Commercial construction services in Pennsylvania provide much more than the manpower and machinery to construct a commercial building. This post will cover all of the services we offer at WSL Incorporated to clear up any misconceptions about what we do:

  • Bid packet preparation: Unless you already have a builder in mind, it’s recommended that you get estimates from a few different companies in your area. Each commercial builder will start by providing a quote for the project that includes the total cost of the project and the timeline. Keep in mind that you never want to automatically hire the company that provides the lowest quote.
  • Design and drafting: No matter the size of your commercial building, the project starts with a detailed design. Hiring a reputable team of experts to draft your building plans helps save money in the long run and ensures your commercial building is exactly what you had in mind.
  • Project planning and management: From obtaining all proper permits to sourcing subcontractors, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to commercial construction projects. An experienced commercial building service will handle all of these moving parts so their clients don’t have to worry about the messy details.
  • Accessibility projects: Your commercial building should be ADA compliant to ensure it passes any government regulatory tests. A reputable commercial building company has ADA-compliance specialists on staff who will ensure you’re in good standing with all federal, state and local requirements.

Why choose WSL Incorporated?

In addition to knowing what commercial construction services in Pennsylvania do on a daily basis, it’s crucial to know how to choose which company to hire. These are a few of the top reasons to choose us when you’re ready to get your project underway:

  • Complete project management: As mentioned above, managing all of the moving parts in a commercial project can make your head spin! With over 35 years of industry experience, you can rest easy knowing WSL Incorporated got you covered from start to finish. You can just kick back and relax while your project goes from a hole in the ground to a beautiful new building.
  • Helpful and collaborative team members: Many of our clients come to us with a general idea of features they want included in their building and its overall appearance. But that’s not enough to ensure the project goes off without a hitch! That’s why our in-house drafters collaborate with our customers to hammer out every little detail of the building.
  • Affordable pricing: We should note that a company’s estimate isn’t the main thing to focus on when it comes to a commercial building—the end result is much more important! However, you still don’t want to overpay for your building. We always work with our clients to build within their budget.

It’s clear at this point that WSL Incorporated is one of the premier providers of commercial construction services in Pennsylvania. Give us a call today to get an estimate for your next commercial building.

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