What Are the Methods of Aging in Place, and How Can I Implement Them?

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Whether you yourself are a senior making plans for your future residence or you’re making them on behalf of a loved one, it can be a complex process with many different options. While some seniors choose to enter an assisted living facility or other senior living environment, many are choosing to stay right at home. The process of aging in place consists of consulting with certified aging in place specialists to remodel your current home to ensure your safety and comfort as you grow older.

If you or your loved one are interested in living at home independently as long as possible, here’s how to do it.

What is aging in place?

The concept of aging in place centers around independent living at your own home. Not only do you save money and retain your privacy by remaining at home instead of moving to a senior facility, but it’s also more comfortable for most people to stay in an environment they’re completely familiar with. The key to aging in place, though, is making sure your living environment can accommodate your everyday function as you age.

The five key components of designing a home for senior living include:

  • Prioritizing your movement and function in the design of your home
  • Ensuring you’re financially capable of staying in your home
  • Ensuring that healthcare services can come and go on an as-needed basis at your home
  • Ensuring your transportation needs can be met
  • Considering your social needs and whether they can be met if you remain at home

What does remodeling have to do with aging in place?

If you or a loved one are seriously considering remaining at home both now and in the future, you need to plan the design of your home around your expected health and mobility for upcoming years. This can be very difficult for anyone to measure, so it’s helpful to get the professional opinion of certified aging in place specialists to provide some guidance. They can give you a solid understanding of how you need to remodel your home for your current and future capabilities.

Common home remodeling projects for aging in place include widening bathrooms to fit walkers or wheelchairs, adding ramps to ensure you have access to all areas of the home, installing grab bars where needed, installing a walk-in shower and more. Taking these steps now should be considered as an investment in your future, ensuring that you can comfortably live in your home for years to come—instead of footing the bill for an expensive assisted living facility or other senior living community.

If you or a loved one are considering making home renovations to facilitate an aging in place lifestyle, consulting a reputable contractor should be your starting point. Working with certified aging in place specialists ensures that you or your loved one can live at home safely and securely. Contact WSL Incorporated to discover more about the process of making a home safe and comfortable for seniors to age in place.

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