Important Questions To Ask Your Luxury Home Builder

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People who can afford to have a luxury home built also deserve to ask the luxury home builder some questions before they get started. If they are going to put up the money necessary to build a luxury home, they can certainly ask the person building it some basic questions. We address a few of those questions now so you know what to ask when the time comes. 

Are You Licensed And Insured? 

To make sure you are using only reputable custom home builders, ask about their insurance coverage and licenses. You might feel awkward bringing this up, but it is a perfectly fair question. Not only that, but it is a question that any decent home builder would be happy to share the answer to. If they are reputable custom home builders, they want you to know that they are licensed and insured. If they are not, then they may try to hide or obscure their licensing status. 

Can You Provide Some References? 

They should provide you with some direct examples of other projects that they have worked on and other people they have helped. Presumably, those people would have had good experiences with these home builders. You can use the information they provide to decide on your own about moving forward with the luxury home builder or not. You don’t have to make a decision based on a single review, but you should take every review that you come across into account. Some of those reviews may be very helpful, and other reviews will not provide you with as much useful information. Take each one as its own thing. 

What Features Do You Include In Your Standard Homes? 

You should check with them to see what features they include on the typical homes they work on compared to what kind of features you might ask for on your luxury home. How much extra will they charge for certain customer features you are interested in? These are the questions to ask as you weigh which features are truly important to you and which aren’t going to make the cut because they are simply too expensive.

When Will I Know The Final Price Of My Home? 

The builder should have the chance to give you the final price of your home as soon as possible. If they are dragging their feet on this or seem unable to do so for any reason, you should try to understand why. There is no reason for them not to have those answers at the ready for you. If they don’t give you a straight answer, move on to another builder who can help you out with that. 


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