How To Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

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Are you thinking of building a home? The major advantage of custom home designs is that you get to decide where everything goes. One of the things you will need to address is natural light. There are many benefits to be enjoyed by allowing enough natural light into your home. You will not need to use as much electricity, especially during the day when you want to use a room. Other benefits include improved mood, better sleep at night and enhanced performance. Take a look at some of the ways you can maximize natural light in your home.  

Consider The Location Of The House

Homebuilding involves paying attention even to the smallest of details, such as this. Your main source of lighting needs to be natural light. Sunlight makes a space look bigger and more appealing. It has also been proven to boost one’s mental health and increase productivity. The first point is to consider the sun’s angle and ensure that the commonly used spaces will get as much natural light as possible throughout the day and year. However, too much sunlight coming into the room is not always a good idea. You want to avoid the morning or afternoon glare that can make a space almost uncomfortable to stay in. In such cases, you can install overhangs to block the harsh sun, especially during summer.

Strategic Placement Of Windows  

You can also maximize natural light in your home through window placement. Windows not only provide natural light but also connect you to the outdoors. For instance, a kitchen sink window offers a nice view as you do the dishes while bringing in natural light. Ensure that the longest side of the house faces south and try to install as many windows as possible on that side. You should also consider large or multiple windows on the north side of your home. This will help you enjoy indirect sunlight throughout the year.


A skylight window is installed on the roof of a structure to allow natural light to flow into the room. Skylights are particularly common in bathrooms because they bring in enough light while still giving you some privacy. Most naturally lit custom homes will have a skylight installed in one of the rooms.

Install Solar Tubes

This is a common daylighting technique that can lower your electricity bills. Solar tubes get installed between the interior ceiling and the roof. Their role is to capture sunlight, transfer it through a reflective tube and disperse it to a living area. Some people prefer them over skylights because they take less space, are easy to install and still provide good lighting.

Use A Good Floor Plan

When designing the floor plan, talk to the builder about room placement. Rooms that are not used often around the house may not need as much light. Therefore, they can be placed on a side that does not get much light.

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