Fireplace Surround Options

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Installing or updating a fireplace is a great way to add value and character to your home. One of the most important choices you’ll make during this project will be the material that you choose for your fireplace surround. Custom fireplaces can be surrounded with a variety of different materials. Your custom home builder can help you choose the best material. This quick guide will introduce you to some of the more popular materials used for fireplaces.


Today, homeowners are trying their best to stray away from boring brick. Brick was the go-to material for decades, but today homeowners are getting creative with marble. No longer only reserved for countertops, marble fireplace enclosures bring beauty and durability to the fireplace. Marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you are sure to find something that suits your taste.

Another benefit of marble is that it is easy to clean and maintain.


Like marble, granite is starting to show up in fireplace enclosures. Granite is also a durable, strong material that will last for decades. Granite is low maintenance and heat-resistant,, adding an extra safety layer to the fireplace area. Granite provides you with many unique style options as it comes in many colors and designs.

Granite is chip and crack-resistant, making it a great choice for families with children and pets.


Wood has been a classic fireplace surround material for generations. It took a back seat for some time, but now wood is back. Wood brings to mind cozy old-fashioned hearths where friends and family can gather around the fire.

It is important to note that certain safety considerations should be made if you will surround with wood, though. Since wood is not fire-resistant, be sure to talk with your custom home builder about how to keep your fireplace area safe.


Tile is also a wonderful fireplace enclosure choice. This option probably offers the most versatility when it comes to color and design. Tiles can come in a multitude of designs, colors and finishes. The only limit is your imagination since you can even have custom tiles made to suit a particular design you might have in mind.

Tile is easy to clean and maintain. Tile is also a very durable fireplace surround material.


Although brick is losing some popularity recently as a fireplace surround material, many people do still want this timeless option. Brick is durable and fire-resistant, making it a safe and practical choice.

Brick can also be painted or customized to suit your taste.

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