Functional Kitchen Ideas

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Even if you are working with a great custom home builder, designing your new home and seeing the project through can be overwhelming. There are just so many choices that need to be made yesterday. If you are struggling with ideas for your new kitchen, we have some great ideas here for you.

This quick guide features some functional kitchen ideas that homeowners have trusted for years. Let’s dive in.


The very first thing you need to consider when in kitchen remodeling is the layout of the kitchen as it relates to the rest of the house. Many families love having their kitchen open up into their family living spaces. This provides so many more opportunities for interacting and entertaining. Modern families do not always necessarily sit down at the dining room table for meals. The truth is family members are often scattered throughout the living space, and if you have company over, this can definitely be the case.

When the kitchen is open up to the other living spaces, this is not a problem. The family can still have dinner together without being right on top of each other at a formal dining table.

Not only is the layout of the kitchen in relation to the rest of the house important, but the layout of the elements of the kitchen is important as well. If you are going to incorporate an island, you need to make sure that there is plenty of walking room around the island. You will also want to make sure that other elements of the kitchen are laid out in a way that makes sense and will allow an easy flow of activity during meal prep and clean up. For instance, you would not want your stove located a long distance away from the sink. Small details like these make a big difference in the overall feel of the kitchen and the final result.

Another layout consideration would be the placement of the dishwasher. You will want the dishwasher placed conveniently near dish storage so that you can easily unload the dishes and put them away.

Convenience Additions

There are also additions you can make to the kitchen that may seem small, but can really make a big difference in the convenience department. For instance, roll out garbage or recycling cabinets. These are great ways to hide unsightly trash and recycling bins and keep your new kitchen looking tidy.


Storage is so important in the kitchen. If you are going to skimp on something it cannot be your cabinets and drawers. Having adequate storage will make or break a kitchen. Without proper storage, you will constantly be fighting the battle of the clutter in your kitchen.

Plan now for storage solutions so that you can keep that kitchen looking great for years to come.

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