When Is the Best Time of Year To Remodel Your Home?

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When is the best time of year to remodel a house? Some people prefer one season over the other for different reasons. For example, the early spring may seem more conducive to many people since the weather is warming up and the holidays are over. On the other hand, some people may prefer winter since it is a lot slower, and not many people are doing home remodels during this time.

The Best Season To Remodel Your Home

When is the best season to remodel your house? Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each season to help guide you in making the right decision.


During the summer, the majority of people prefer to remodel their homes. It is hot outside, and many people are no longer hibernating from the cold weather during the winter. With the holiday season over, many people have begun planning to have construction begin sometime between June and August.


  • Great Weather


  • The majority of people tend to renovate their homes during this time
  • Kids are out of school
  • It could come in between vacation plans
  • Extreme temps could affect painting jobs

If you do plan on renovating in the summer, you should begin planning during the winter.


Fall happens to be another common time to remodel your home. This is the last opportunity for many people to get outdoor projects completed before the winter begins to settle in and the temps get colder.


  • Remodeling out of the way before the holidays approach
  • Affordable materials


  • Depending on your location, it may still be too cold for any outdoor projects

If you plan on remodeling your home in the fall, the best time to begin planning is early spring or summer.


If you are wondering when to remodel your house, winter may come to mind. Winter is not as common as the other seasons, since many people are focusing their attention on the holidays. Also, the weather is just probably too cold to even think of remodeling. But, there are also many people that believe the winter is the most conducive time to remodel since they can count on contractors being available. If you are not concerned about the weather and your project is going to be mostly inside, winter may be a good option for you.


  • Not as popular as the other seasons
  • Perfect time to lay concrete


  • The weather could result in delays
  • Could interfere with the holidays
  • Many people are on vacation for the holidays


Spring is typically the busiest season for contractors and homeowners alike when it comes to renovating. Don’t expect to get scheduled as soon as you reach out to a contractor during the spring because chances are they are already booked. If you plan on having renovations in the spring, the best time to begin planning is late fall or early winter.


  • Best weather
  • Not as hot or not as cold


  • Most popular time for renovations
  • Materials are more difficult to find

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