Interior Color Trends To Consider in 2023

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If 2023 is the year that you’ve decided to start following popular interior design trends and interior painting trends, then we’ve got the perfect list of hot trends to consider as you give your new residential home or commercial space a new look. After all, a simple color change can transform a room.

Getting connected with nature

Now that the world’s more open, it makes sense that designers and other folks are craving some green splashes of nature in their homes. Since green and teal are such versatile tones, you can incorporate them as a bold accent or a muted background for each room. 

Pick a color and add it to every room.

As we were sharing in the previous tip, one of this year’s hottest trends is taking a beautiful hue and incorporating it into every color scheme in the home. Instead of relying on neutrals, folks are taking risks with color and brightening up their homes with bold coats of pinks, oranges, and mauve. Blues, greens, and navies are also popular this year, so you might as well ride the trend to the fullest and add a touch of it everywhere in your home.

Goodbye, gray

While grays and “greige” tones were popular last year, this year is all about bold colors. With this in mind, try adding an extra dose of color to your rooms to outshine the areas that may have gotten dull with previous trends.

Don’t be afraid of breaking the mold

Unconventional color pairings are more popular this year than ever. Instead of relying on tried-and-true color combinations, try taking risks with unexpected pairings and see how guests react to them. You may be surprised by what delights your design tastes, like cheddar cheese and apples or vanilla ice cream and soy sauce.

While color is popular, the “fab five” are still in style.

Even if 2023 is all about bright colors and unexpected combinations, the basic palette of neutrals such as black, white, gray, brown, and green are never completely out of style. As you explore new color horizons, rely on these tones to keep your design grounded in solid principles that have been around for decades.

Mix blue and silver for a royally beautiful effect

If you want to add a touch of elegance to a room or home environment, the combination of blue and silver is hard to beat for a regal effect. With the crisp nature of this combo, there is a reason why designers love to use it. Additionally, it is gender-neutral and great for someone who doesn’t want to lean too hard into traditionally masculine or traditionally feminine-designed looks.

Add some texture to your paint

If you paint your home in a solid color, you can add interest by incorporating some texture. This works especially well for light colors such as beige or cream. If you use limewash or plaster under the paint, you can create a subtle smoothness in it.


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