Specially Adapted Housing & How To Get Approved

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Specially Adapted Housing & How To Get Approved

For disabled veterans, the process of adapting to their civilian lives can be difficult. The VA has three grant programs that allow disabled veterans to make their housing easier to live in: One of those is the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) program. It helps veterans build, renovate, or buy a home that’s easy for them to live in.

What Is Specially Adapted Housing?

Specially adapted housing is a home modification grant that helps veterans build, remodel, or buy a modified home that is easy for them to live in. These grants are available for qualifying service members and veterans with a permanent disability. These grants can be as much as $101,754. In order to receive these grant funding, certain Minimum Property Requirements must be met.

How To Get Approved

In order to receive a SAH grant, you must follow a strict set of requirements. These Minimum Property Requirements (MPR) ensure that your new house meets a certain standard. One of these requirements is that a veteran’s home must have wheelchair-friendly entry and exit points. This means that the house must have wide doorways that are 36 inches wide and feature a beveled threshold. You can apply for an SAH grant up to six times. You can also get a Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant, which allows you to buy or remodel an existing home. Additionally, under the SHA program, you can receive a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant. These can be used if you are temporarily residing in the home of a family member, or if you are planning to move out of your own home.

Hire An SAH Compliant Contractor

To get the most out of a SAH grant, you need to make sure your building or renovation meets all the required specifications. The best way to ensure you meet the aforementioned standards is by hiring an SAH compliant contractor that specializes in the complexities of building or remodeling to suit a disability related living situation. They are familiar with how to build an SAH compliant home and will help you get your grant application approved quickly. With the right contractor on your side, you are sure to see a substantial return on your investment in terms of improved health and quality of life.

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